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♫♪Voguing Workshops with RAY MELODY♪♫
Sunday 1. 10.2017 @ Tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf

04:30 pm -05:30 pm: Vogue Fem Elements *Beginners                                                                                                            05:30 pm - 06:30 pm:  Vogue Fem Choreography *Intermediate                                                                                              06:30 pm: FREE JAM SESSION everybody is welcome - see you there!!!!


>Booking via Tanzhaus NRW


Voguing, known through Madonna's ‘Vogue’ or recent artists like Rhianna and Beyoncè, is a dance style which has been developed in the 1960’s within the Black, Latino and Gay Ballroom Scene of Harlem/New York. Deeply rooted in New York's LGBT community, Voguing took a journey through underground clubs in the U.S. and Europe and developed its own Ballroom Scene. Voguing is inspired by the fashion magazine Vogue, its model- like poses and the High Fashion Runway Walk. With the styles Old Way, New Way and Vogue Fem this dance combines masculine poses from Breakdance and Martial Arts, feminine posing and gestures as well as very flexible poses and the hitting of angels, boxes and lines with the body/arms on beat.

Vogue Fem embodies an extremely feminine appearance and movement. It is known for the five elements : Hand/Arm Performance, Catwalk, Duckwalk, Spins & Dips and Floor Performance. The influences take a wide range from Modern Dance, Ballet, Figure Skating and Pantomime. There are two characteristic dynamics in the presentation of this style: "dramatic" - very fast with impressive tricks and twists and the style "soft & cunt" that emphasizes the grace and beauty of women by rather slow movements.